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Feb 2018


Daddy was gone, so we had a comfy, cozy movie night at home.  Both of the boys had to try out their skills with selfies, and did way better than I can!

Asher, just lounging and enjoying a relaxing morning.

My grandma used to let me sit and play in the flour.  It’s amazing how much fun that can be when you’re a kid, ha!  The tradition lives on!  It’s a terrible mess, but hard to complain when there’s so much fun happening :).

Our friend, Chase celebrated his birthday at an indoor trampoline place which also had hover boards.  Asher, you always amaze us how athletic you are.  You maybe have tried these things one time, but you jumped right on one and rode it like a pro the very first time.

This looks about right, ha!

Another beautiful AZ Sunset!

Beck’s Fall Festival was so stinkin’ cute!  He was so excited for us to come to their play, and have pie afterwards.  Here’s his sweet class.  I love that Asher made the picture.  He asked his teacher to get out of school a little early, and raced over himself so that he wouldn’t miss Beck’s performance :).

The cutest little pilgrim.

The cutest little Indian.  The kids wrote one thing they’re thankful for on their hats, and Beck wrote his teacher’s name.  Hello adorable!

I can’t handle how cute these videos are! Beck doesn’t seem to be that interested in performing arts, ha! At least for right now anyways. He may be lip-syncing everything, but because he’s a little shy he’s so brave to stand up there!

Thanksgiving!  So many things to be thankful for.  God is always taking care of us, challenging us, and holding us close.  We were blessed to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with Grandma Joy Joy, Grandma and Grandpa Olimb, and Auntie Dana!

Asher and Beck were so excited to help decorate this year, it was awesome!  They were in charge of banners, and it was great seeing their creativity come to life :).

I love this picture.  And, I really love that Asher wasn’t sick this year and was able to dig in and enjoy enough food for two Thanksgivings :).

First year of our Thanksgiving Ping Pong tourney, and Auntie Dana took home the Championship!

These two are just cool cats :).

Beck is still enjoying his swimming lessons every week!  He’s working on the butterfly stroke, which is super complicated, but he’s doing awesome!  He was very excited because he got to swim in the outdoor pool this night :).

And, just because they’re cute!


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  • Feb 09, 2018
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    Grandma Olimb

    Fun times! The boys are going to love all the sweet memories you have recorded for them.
    Love sharing life with you 🙂

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