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Nov 2017

Cali Baby!

Awww…we love this little town and beach and the trip that we get to have every year with our friends!  We make so many wonderful, beachy memories together.  And, the boys are already asking how many days until we get to go back :).  This year we went over labor day weekend, so the first couple of days the beach was a little busier, but as the days ticked on it turned blissfully quiet :).

90% of our time on the beach is spent boogie boarding.  It’s an absolute blast for all of us!  And, this was the first year that Beck was old enough to have a little freedom to go a little deeper and catch some waves.  Hours and hours of joy!

This was a whole afternoon of marine biology, ha!  The tide was rough this day, and really kicked up some seaweed on the beach.  One of the dad’s on the beach started collecting the seaweed and showing the kids all the crabs and other sealife trapped in the weeds.  It drew a crowd, and the boys were really into the adventure of it all :).

Asher really loved jumping waves and diving under waves this year!  Again, hours and hours of pure bliss!

Beck of course wanted to be like his big brother and dive waves just like him.  It was a big deal to let Beck join his brother with no life jacket, but Asher wasn’t about to let anything happen to his little brother.  It was so sweet to watch.

Beck and I took a little walk down to the convenience store…and of course had to take a stroll through the sand :).

Jeremy and I thought it would be really fun for our little fisherman, Asher, to have the opportunity to fish the deep blue sea.  We didn’t have any luck on our own, but as soon as some nice local people helped hook Asher up with the right line and bait, he caught several mackerel!  He was so happy :).

Until next year!


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  • Nov 18, 2017
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    Grandma Olimb

    Great pics…with that much fun I would be looking forward to next year too 🙂

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