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Nov 2017


We usually have a constant stream of obstacle courses going :).

Backyard Bowling!


Nice recommendation, Mom!  Hahaha!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Olimb!!!  We love you so much!!!

We were so blessed to get to spend a week with Grandma Joy Joy!  She’s such a treasure to us!

Beck is loving school!  He loves his teacher, his classmates, and learning!  So blessed I get to volunteer in his classroom and see all the fun he’s having first hand.

This is totally blog-worthy.  Here’s Beck’s red cat :).


The bestest of friends :).  I can’t even handle how precious these pics are.  This is a frequent scene for us when we open up their door at night.  And, I’ll never forget Beck hollering to Asher as he was running to the school playground, “Asher!  Asher!  I need a hug!”  Like an awesome big brother, he came back :).

Thanks to Hope Kids, we were able to go to a Diamondbacks game!  We have such a fun time at these games!

Beck is still working hard in swimming lessons!  He’s quite the little fish!

Asher started Chess Club and is loving it!  His teacher lets him leave class early to join the advanced group.  His chess teacher told us that he loves having Asher in class, he said he’s a good example for the other kiddos :).

Bounce house in the house!

Daddy preached today and it was an awesome day!

Our church wrote leaders pleading with our Senators to support foreign aide.  I love our boys’ hearts :).

The solar eclipse.  A lot of hype.  Two seconds in, Asher was asking if he could go play soccer and Beck wanted to go to his classroom, ha!

We took a camping trip with Grandpa Olimb to one of our favorite places in Arizona, Greer.  The area is just so, so beautiful.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  I don’t think we would go back to our campground spot though, that was a bit rough.  But we still had a great time and made memories together! 

Asher said the water was from Alaska, ha!

Fishing.  The boys were not having any luck from the shore, so Grandpa rented them a boat so they could all try for a big catch from the middle of the lake, but alas…there were no big catches.  Such a bummer…especially for our fisherman, Asher.  I guess their catch was in the adventure of it all :).

Cheers to us, and our new found Friday dates :).


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  • Nov 13, 2017
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    Grandma Olimb

    Lots of fun memory makers! Thanks for the great birthday celebration. Was great seeing all the pictures from your camping trip. Love you guys!!

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