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Sep 2017

Summer at the Lake 2017 – Part 2

And then Daddy came, and all was right with our world :).

Jeremy and I got to take a day trip back to the little town we grew up in, and where our story began.  [insert a lot of hearts]

This was the first time Daddy got to go to the Turtle Races with us!

The look of determination paid off this year!  Asher won the first round!  We were so thankful he won a race this year!  It did mean, however, that we needed to stick around until the over 200 turtle racers raced for the championship, but it was still worth it.  He was so thrilled :).

While we were there, my parents and their sweet friends coordinated a walk in honor of the boys, their fight, and our desperation for a cure for them.  We all gathered together and walked 1-3 miles, then Joe and Lisa opened up their restaurant and fed everyone pizza.  We were so blessed by the outpouring of love from the community.  So many people we hadn’t met before, and yet they took the time to come and be with us and support us through this journey.  Jeremy and I couldn’t stop talking about how incredible it really was.  We were so thankful!

Looking back through all our pictures, I’m realizing what a big year it was for Beck at the lake.  A lot of firsts happened for him.  He also learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels!

Of course, it was not without a few tears…but that just made things even cuter :).

Can you hear the trepidation in my voice here?!  So fast.

Above water fun!


Except for this.  This was definitely under water :).

And now a world class photo dump :).

So grateful for a wonderful Summer at the Lake!  Already looking forward to next year :).


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