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Aug 2017


Well, I’m quite behind on this memory keeper…but after spending an hour with the boys looking through old pictures and videos and laughing and crying, I’ve realized how worth it this is.  They love it, and Jeremy and I love looking back through and reminiscing about our lives together <3.  

Case in point.  This sweetness is too much to handle.

We love May around here.  Mornings and evenings have coolness to them, and the day times have some warmth.


You know you’re a special needs mom, when your kids receive their new vest machines on Mother’s Day, and it’s the best gift ever.  After 6 months of phone calls, and forms, and praying for God to pave a way for your kids to get the latest machines, and He brings that all together on a Sunday…Mother’s Day…He’s so good to us.  

We wrapped up a season of flag football.  It was really fun to cheer for Asher.  He did great for his first year of playing!

Asher wrapped up 3rd grade!  For his last cottage fair he created his own island and Declaration of Independence, and they put on an Ukulele concert for us.  It was adorable, and one of our favorite Cottage Fairs!

Asher was one of the students selected to stand up front for their year end celebration song :).

We loved having no school schedule, and enjoyed some fun times exploring our city having fun with friends and family, making our own schedules, and just hanging out at home without the concern of needing to be somewhere!  We could operate on this speed all. the. time :).

Oh the wrestling.  70% chance it will end in someone getting hurt.  But it’s always 100% worth it to them, ha!

Beck.  Your Momma shed a lot of tears about the idea of you starting Kindergarten.  It was really hard saying “yes” to spending less time with you.  It has been such a joy having these last five years with you all day.  Here you are, in all your cuteness.  I asked you if you could take another bite of your pizza before you started in on your ice cream.  He said, “let me check” and lifted up your shirt to see if your belly could fit anymore pizza in there :).  We all love you so much!

Yes.  This is permanent marker, ha!

One of your favorite things to do is go to Barnes&Noble and ride the escalators over…and over…and over…and over…

You’re also such a great, little swimmer!  We’re so thankful for Grandma and Grandpa Necas paying for lessons for you so that you can keep enjoying this sport that you love!  This was your last class with Mr. John before our Summer break started.  I’m certain he will always be your favorite teacher :).

Here you are practicing for Kindergarten. I reluctantly prepared you :).

I have a lot of videos spying like this.  He cranks up the music, and makes chores fun :).

This is the beginning of the season of reading while fidgeting :).

The boys are truly so blessed to have a Daddy who loves to wisk them away to the mountains so they can explore and get dirty…all things that makes our boys hearts warm :).

We celebrated 17 years of marriage this month :).

We love them.  So.  So.  So.  Much!


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  • Aug 19, 2017
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    Grandma Olimb

    Some more special memories! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures tell wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing. Love you guys!

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