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Oct 2011

Home Run!

Asher had his first baseball game on Saturday.  Besides the fact that we all melted, it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed.  Kids running all around in total confusion, the dad to kid ratio on the field was one to one, complete disregard for rules, every kid abandoning their station if the ball came anywhere near them, boys on the field doing the pee pee dance, kids so proud when they hit the ball…it was all hilarious, and made for the best morning.  I just had to post this video of Asher on his first time up to bat.


Captain high pitch could have toned things down a bit, but that didn’t stop Asher, ha!  I love all the bat tapping.  I love how the bat weighed more than him, but he hulked through it anyways.  I love how his hit knocked him to the ground.  I love his round CF belly sticking out which gives him the cutest physique.  Running over first base was epic.  I love the bob and weave.  And, his winners strut is just too much.  Here’s to a fun season, Champ!




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    Ok, obviously my favorite parts are hearing you yell for him and laugh. That was truely was of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Thank you SO much for the video:) GOOD JOB super Asher!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this video…it’s the next best thing to being there. What a powerful swing. Way to go, Asher! Love you lots.

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    That is awesome! I love the recap of the game too with the parts to love. That is great!

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    Dude…a homerun?!?! That is awesome! Everything about this video rocked…all of it. Everything you mentioned was my favorite. Asher is such a stud. Oh if only we could all spend our days like that…just pure joy mixed in with a side of “weave” 🙂 Thanks for sharing…made my day!

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    Home run! A very auspicious start to Asher’s athletic career.

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    His face walking back to the dugout…classic!! So serious – just doin’ his job. LOVE IT!

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    If that isn’t the best video,Your right Honey the “bat tapping” was so cute!Loved the way he got around the bases,great job!

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    omg, I have tears in my eyes! So cute! I love how he swung so hard he fell down and then just kept running. Then he gets to home base and doesn’t even seem tired. Ha! Great video!

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    WOW! That was so impressive! So cool! Cant wait to do this now with MY Ash too 🙂

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    Ok honestly, that video has to be one of the cutest things I’ve every seen. Adorable!! Love how serious he is walking to the dug out and love how far past 1st base he ran…ha! And have to say, I loved hearing your laughing and cheering for your boy!! 🙂

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    Oh, there is just so much awesomeness going on in this video! What a slugger!

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    Love his ‘chill’ attitude after he gets to home. 😉

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    Are you kidding me? Did he just skip right over T-ball? That was such an epic hit! Brought tears to my eyes. Awesome hit, Asher!

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