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Jan 2018


Well…life took a bit of a twist this month…that consumed our next 4 months…that we will one day tell you about, Asher and Beck…but for now, we will try to get caught up on the other memorable moments we shared in together.  We love you two so much!

Beck, you continue to love school so much!  You are learning and reading like crazy now!  And, here is your school picture which we just cannot get over!  Your little head tilt is just too much sweetness!  You opened up your school pictures packet to see, and shouted, “Two Beck’s, Ha!”  

Just in case school pictures were a bust, I had to take a few before we left for school because you were looking so cute :).

You love your teacher so much!  You wrote her a special note, “I love you Mrs Phillips, you are the best teacher!”  P.S. Your way is so much cuter :).

Asher.  Oh my lands, we were so proud of your cottage fair this quarter!  You worked hard at coming up with a great plan for your lava lamps to sell at your Grand Canyon Marketplace, and we even worked together as a family to assemble everything.  It was perfect!  You were so excited because you sold out of your stock of 28 in ten minutes!  You had a long line of customers!  Great idea, Buddy!

You are having a wonderful year in school!  We were so proud of your report card this quarter, and how much your teacher loves having you in class!  Sometimes you like to pretend that going to school is really exhausting to you…but you truly love it all :).  Here’s your adorable school picture this year, and again, some more before school shots just in case and because I can’t get enough of you :).

And, both of you cuties together :).

Building circuits was an every day craze of yours for weeks!  You’re a smart little cookie, Beck!

The school rented out a skating rink this month!  Beck’s first time skating.  He was so excited to see a friend from his class!  Poor little guy got a bad headache, so we spent most of the time cuddled up on the sidelines, but he did enjoy it while it lasted.

Asher.  Gosh I love your perseverance.  You fell so much.  So so SO much.  But you kept getting up and trying again.  I love watching you tackle life with your everything.  You really are an inspiration.

And, I love that you got to make a lap with Ms. Krista :).

Asher, I loved leading your reading group for the first half of the year, and teaching you and your friends Greek root words and their meaning.  We had a lot of fun together.  This week we were working on “mater” which means “mother”.

Here we are, waiting for Asher to finish up with Chess Club, ha!  You had Firemen and a Fire Truck, and a Scientist come to school today to show you what they do for work.

Oh Beck.  You were so excited about “Grandparents Day” at school!  And, I know Grandma was too :).  You even wanted to wear a tie for Grandma!  You should know that Grandma went to great lengths to be in your class, because just as she was leaving to come and be with you, she noticed she had a flat tire!  But, that didn’t stop her from figuring out a way to get to you in time :).  

Just hanging out at home :).

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation flew us out on super short notice, because our President continues to push for legislation that could potentially be harmful to you both, as well as the entire CF community.  Dad and I desire so much to do all we can for you, and we’re so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa Olimb and Grandma Joy Joy were willing to spend time with you so that we wouldn’t miss this opportunity. 


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