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Jun 2008

Pinwheels…OF DOOM!

First Food from zeropointD on Vimeo.



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    *I will be expecting the post snack bath pictures.:)
    *Don’t worry-the wheels can’t hurt the dog…Zoey ate quite a few.
    *What happend to Woody…if that was Woody???!!!
    *I love the flash going off in the background–Asher will grow up to be agreat movie star…the paparazzi won’t even phase him after living with you two!!:)Ha!

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    Ok that was so funny! I was going to say, he got so excited it’s like he’s never seen food before, then I remembered his chubby thighs!
    And I kinda wanted to puke when he spit out the cookie and then put it back in his mouth…

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    I agree w/ Meagan – the constant photos in the background were hilarious!! I love that Woody is just sitting there waiting for him to drop one to snatch it up…too funny!

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    Meagan, Woody looks like a miniature lion. He had so many knots on him the people at the pooch parlor had to shave him down to his skin. Apparently, they thought he would look cute keeping his head full and furry…big mistake. The dog really doesn’t have a lot going for him now.

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    Poor thing…first you throw him into a clinical depression by bringing in competition–now on top of that-humiliation!

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    That kid loves food! He couldn’t wait to get that in his mouth. Ditto everything Noelle said! Thanks for making a hilarious video!

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    Whoa. Weird. I’ve only ever seen SD in pictures, but Asher looks recognizably like him. Awesome. 😀

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